What is Yakisugi?

The wood charring technology from Japan, called Yakisugi, differs from other wood protection technologies in its long-term durability and is therefore ideal for using it outside the house. The yakisugi technique has been widely used in Japan for centuries, and the technology has also proven to be extremely durable there, where climate conditions vary from semi-tropical to arctic.


Wood charring is a completely natural way of processing wood, also ensuring a pleasant aesthetic appearance. During the wood processing process, the natural tones and patterns of the wood are brought out and the wood pattern is emphasized. Wood also becomes very resistant to environmental factors (UV radiation, water, insects, rot). All in all, the Yakisugi technique is not only visually beautiful, but also very practical.

In order to ensure the natural preservation of dead wood for decades and at the same time preserve the original result, it is important to periodically treat the wooden facade with natural oils.


Yakisugi woodworking technology has been widely used in ancient Japanese temples, and today it is also perfectly adapted to the construction of home terraces. Yakisugi technology combines three elements – earth (wood), fire and water.


The end result is a pleasant warmth felt under bare feet and a natural wooden deck that transmits energy. Although this type of woodworking solution is very long-lasting, which can last up to 100 years, the terrace still needs to be taken care of. In order to preserve the natural beauty for a century, the terrace should be oiled from time to time.